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Industry Division

Through the Five Year Plans : First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh

The Industry Division deals with the industrialisation issues including policies and programmes relating to large and medium industries. It handles matters concerning formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Plans and programmes for the larger and medium industries for the Annual and Five Year Plans in respect of both the Central Sector and States /UT's . The industry groups /industries being dealt with by the Division include engineering industries like capital goods industry, steel, non-ferrous metals, ship building, fertilizers, chemicals and petrochemicals, drugs and pharmaceuticals, textiles including jute, electronics, paper and paper board, cement, sugar, leather, alcohol; other consumer industries, etc.

The division also deals with issues such as economic reforms, liberalisation, disinvestment, technology policies, public sector, foreign direct investment, exports, productivity, consumer protection, weights and measures, Patent/IPR/Trademark and similar other matters which have a bearing on industrial development of the country. The matters relating to public sector enterprises and industrial finance are also handled by the Division, Reference to the Planning Commission in these areas in the form of Cabinet Notes, Parliament question and other miscellaneous forms of communication are dealt with in the Division.

The broad functions of the Division are:

  • To handle all matters relating to industrial policy and other associated policy issues relating to industrial development including industrial incentives framework, investment promotion, infrastructure development, foreign direct investment and technology transfer.
  • To deal with policies relating to the public sector enterprises including public enterprise reforms and privatization programmes as well as private sector development.
  • To handle matters relating to industrial finance, financial institutions and capital markets as also policies towards sick industries, industrial restructuring and industrial relations policies.
  • To study and analyse industrial statistics and undertake special studies relating to industrial development and sickness.
  • To undertake appraisal and evaluation of industrial projects in the public sector and to examine physical progress of projects and schemes of public sector enterprises including infrastructural development programmes and also review of financial performance of these undertakings.
  • To undertake appraisal and evaluation of industrial projects related to development of export infrastructure and allied activities.
  • To undertake appraisal of export promotion efforts and market access initiatives in the wake of WTO regime.
  • h) To implement policy issues relating to Disinvestment of PSUs. The Division provides technical support to officers representing Planning Commission in core Group of Secretaries on Disinvestment.
  • To study and analyse industrial production trends and to make forecast of the demand estimates and to conduct studies regarding technological and economic aspect of industrial units, capital formation in the organized industrial sector and source of supply of funds, problems of allocation of institutional finance, regional and backward area development, etc.
  • j) To undertake coordination and review of industrial development programmes with related sectors like power and transport and to inter-act with various Ministries on these and other related subjects.
  • To formulate plans and programmes for development of various industrial sub-sectors and industries, their financing and re-viewing the targets of capacity and production.
  • To study scientific and technical advances and technology transfer issues having bearing on the development in various industrial fields.
  • To study factors inhibiting or accelerating growth in particular sectors for industries and analyse the causes of various problems being faced by individual industries and industry groups.
  • Monitoring the programmes and progress of Centrally Sponsored Schemes relating to industrial sector export promotion and allied activities.
  • To inter-act with various Ministries, Industry Associations and other Governmental and non-Governmental bodies on industrial matters and participate in the deliberations of inter-agency committees and groups dealing with these subjects.
  • To inter-act with the State Governments and Union Territories on industrial development issues and to participate in the formulation of Annual and Five year development programmes for the industrial sector in the State and Union Territory plans.




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