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This File was last Updated/Modified: November 28 2014 12:31:01.General Reports, Annual Reports, Planning Commission, Government of India

General Reports

Year 2014

  1. Child Marriage in India : A Study of Situation, Causes & Enforcement of Child Marriage Prohibition Act : PDF File | Published on 28/11/2014
  2. Background on Consultation for Setting up of New Institution : PDF File | Published on 26/11/2014
  3. DRAFT Consultation Paper on Handlooms, October 2014 : PDF File | Published on 14/10/2014 New
    [ Planning Commission invites comments on draft Consultation Paper by 07/11/2014. Comments may be sent at]
  4. List of Parliament Assurances pending as on 10.09.2014 PDF | Published on 25/09/2014
  5. In June 2012, the Planning Commission constituted an Expert Group under the Chairmanship of Dr. C. Rangarajan to review the methodology for Measurement of Poverty. On June 30th 2014, Dr. C. Rangarajan, Chairman of the Expert Group has submitted the Report.
    > Download Report (PDF) | Published on 30/06/2014
  6. ICS Report "The Planning Process of China" : : PDF | Published on 08/05/2014
  7. Equitable sharing of benefits arising from coal mining and power generation among resource rich states : PDF | Published on 29/05/2014
  8. The Final Report : Expert Group on Low Carbon Strategies for Inclusive Growth : PDF | Published on 20/05/2014
  9. Annual Report (2013-14) on the working of State Power Utilities and Electricity Departments Energy : PDF | Published on 13/05/2014
  10. Report of the Task Force on Waste to Energy : Volume I - PDF | Volume II - PDF | Published on 12/05/2014
  11. Survey of Business Regulatory Environment for Manufacturing – A Comparison of States : PDF | Published on 07/05/2014
  12. Annual Action Plan 2013-14 Booklet' of E&F Division : PDF | Published on 01/05/2014
  13. Understanding Skill Development and Training in China: Lessons for India: PDF | Published on 11/04/2014
  14. S and T Intervention for Post-Disaster Reconstrucion Efforts in Uttarakhand
  15. Report of the "Committee on Encouraging Investments in Supply Chains Including Provision for Cold Storages for More Efficient Distribution of Farm Produce"
  16. Parliamentary Assurances both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as on 26/03/2014 : PDF
  17. Poverty Estimates for Social Groups: 2004-05 and 2011-12Published on 13/03/2014
  18. India Transport Report : Moving India to 2032.Published on 28/02/2014
    Volume I || Volume II || Volume III
  19. Presentation made by National Transport Development Policy Committee. Published on 28/02/2014
  20. Report of the High Level Expert Group on Water Logging in Punjab. Published on 27/02/2014
  21. Report Of The Committee To Study Development In Hill States Arising From Management Of Forest Lands With Special Focus On Creation Of Infrastructure, Livelihood And Human Development. Published on 12/02/2014
  22. Presentation on 'Infrastructure Development in North-East States' in Conference of Chief Ministers of North Eastern Region held on 20th January, 2014. Published on 12/02/2014
  23. Universal Health Coverage - Presentation on North-East date 9th January 2014. Published on 21/01/2014

Year 2013

  1. Road-maps for four cross-cutting issues highlighted in the 12th Five Year Plan by Industry Division .Published on 25/09/2013
  2. Request for Comments on the Draft Regulatory Reform Bill 2013 : Request for Comments || Draft Regulatory Reform Bill 2013 .Published on 27/11/2013
  3. Scenarios: Shaping India's Future : PDF .Published on 23/07/2013
  4. Delivery Monitoring Unit (DMU) Reports (Published on September 2013/ HTM file)
  5. Parliamentary Assurances both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as on 15/07/2013 : PDF
  6. Decoding the 8% Growth Target by Pranjul Bhandari : PDF .Published on 15/01/2013
  7. Agenda Papers for RKVY Meeting for 18th April, 2013 : PDF
  8. Meeting of States to Discuss the Implementation of RKVY during XII Plan : PDF .Published on 16/04/2013
  9. Delivery Monitoring Unit (DMU) Report
  10. Parliamentary Assurances both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as on 22/03/2013 : PDF
  11. Parliamentary Assurances both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha as on 11/03/2013 : PDF
  12. Greening Rural Development in India : Report || Presentation .Published on 07/01/2013
  13. Report of the Expert Group to Recommended the Detailed Methodology for the Identification of Families Living Below Poverty Line in the Urban Areas : Report .Published on 17/01/2013

Year 2012 onwards

  1. Restructuring of Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSS)
  2. Cost-benefit analysis of Aadhaar by National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP)
    >> Download : Paper ( PDF: 320KB) | Spreadsheet ( Excel: 100KB)
  3. Report of the Group of Experts on Privacy ( PDF: 1.2MB) Corrigendum: 31 October 2012
    (Chaired by Justice A P Shah, Former Chief Justice, Delhi High Court)
  4. Total Transport System System Study on Traffic Flows and Modal Costs>>
  5. Creating a Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India "Report of The Committee on Angel Investment and Early Stage Venture Capital."
  6. Total Transport System System Study on Traffic Flows and Modal Costs (Highways, Railways, Airways and Coastal Shipping)
  7. SCENARIOS: Shaping India's Futures ( PDF-File Size: 7 MB )
  8. Annual Report to the People on Infrastructure 2010-11 : - Download PDF
  9. Addressing India's Nutrition Challenges ( PDF)
    Report of tHe Multistakeholder Retreat
  10. Report of the Inter Ministerial Group on ICDS Restructuring
    Chaired by Member Planning Commission Dr. (Ms.) Syeda Hameed
  11. DRAFT: The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 2005 - Operational Guidelines 2012
    By Mihir Shah Committee
  12. Report of the Committee on Information, Communication and Entertainment - Sub Group on "Going Digital" under the Chairmanship of Shri Rajeeva Ratna Shah, Former Member Secretary, Planning Commission
    Office Memorandum : Constitution of Sub Group on Going Digital - MS Word || PDF
    Report of the Committee on Information, Communication and Entertainment - Sub Group on "Going Digital" - MS Word || PDF
  13. Annual Report 2011-12 on The Working of State Power Utilities and Electricity Departments
  14. Report of The Task Force on Irrigation
  15. Report of Panel of Experts on Reforms in Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)
  16. High Level Panel on Financial Position of Distribution Utilities by Shri V K Shunglu
  17. High Level Expert Group Report on Universal Health Coverage for India
    > Executive Summary - Download PDF
    >> FULL REPORT on Universal Health Coverage for India - Download PDF
  18. The Public Procurement Bill 2011
  19. Expert Group on Methodology for Estimation of Poverty, Chaired by Prof. Suresh D. Tendulkar
  20. Report of the High Level Expert Committee on Efficient Management of Public Expenditure : PDF File
  21. Government - Industry Consultations>>
  22. "Report of the Sh. B. K. Chaturvedi Committee on NHDP" : PDF File
  23. "Second Report of the Committee Under the Chairmanship of Shri B K Chaturvedi Member, Planning Commission on Faster Implementation of NHDP" : PDF File
  24. "Report of  The Committee Under the Chairmanship of  Shri B K  Chaturvedi Member, Planning Commission on  Port  Sector": PDF File
  25. Evaluation Report on Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) - PDF File
  26. Engendering Public Policy: A Report on the Work of the Working Group of Feminist Economists during the Preparation of the Eleventh Five Year Plan: 2007-2012 : PDF File
  27. Report of the Working Group on LOGISTICS : PDF File
  28. Annual Report to the People on Infrastructure 2009-10 (PDF)
  29. Monitorable Targets and Milstones for 2010-11 to 2012-13 Infrastructure Sector
  30. Data Bank on Agriculture and Allied Sector
  31. Reports on Enviorment and Forest
  32. Sub-Committee on Remodelling of Apprenticeship Training as another mode for on the job training.
  33. Technical Note on Employment for the Eleventh Five Year Plan 2007-12
    Report of the Committe on Financial Sector Reforms
    (Under the Chairmanship of Sh. Raghuram G. Rajan)
  35. Report of the High Level Group on Services Sector : PDF File
    (Under the Chairmanship of Sh. Anwarul Hoda)
  36. Constitution of an Expert Group to recommend the detailed methodology for Identification of Families living Below Poverty Line in the Urban Areas: Constitution
  37. Development Challenges in Extremist Affected Areas : PDF File
  38. Macro-Modelling for the Eleventh Five Year Plan of India : PDF File
  39. All-India Report On Evaluation Of NREGA - A Survey Of Twenty Districts
    ZIP(MS WORD) || PDF File
  40. Coordinated action on Skill Development
  41. Skill Development and Training Programmes of Central Government, 2009


  43. Human Development Report 2011...>>
  44. National Human Development Report 2001
  45. Inter-Ministry Task Group Reports ... >>
  46. Report of the expert group on "Ground Water Management and Ownership" :PDF
  47. Report of the Oversight Committee to Monitor implementation of Reservation in Higher Educational Institutions
  48. Report of Integrated Energy Policy :PDF
  49. Report of Fact Finding Team on Vidarbha: Regional Disparities and Rural Distress in Maharashtra with particular reference to Vidarbha - PDF || ZIP(MS Word)
  50. Model Concession Agreement for PPP in Highways
    > Overview of the framework (PDF)
    > For Details >>
  51. Report of the PPP (Public Private Partnership) Sub-Group on Social Sector (PDF format )
  52. Report of the working group on National Action Plan for operationalising Clean Development Mechanism in India - PDF
  53. Report of the Committee on Technology Innovation and Venture Capital (PDF)
  54. Report of the committee on development of Bio-fuel - PDF | ZIP(MS Word) [Size 2.00 MB approx.]
  55. India Assessment 2002: Water Supply and Sanitation -PDF
  56. High Level Commission Report -"Transforming: The NorthEast" - PDF | ZIP(MS Word)
  57. India Vision 2020 - PDF [ Size 828KB ]
  58. Background Papers: Vision 2020 >>>
  59. Summary Records of Discussions of 50 NDC Meetings
    i) Volume I - 1 to 14 - PDF
    i) Volume II - 15 to 26 - PDF
    i) Volume III - 27 to 36 - PDF
    i) Volume IV - 37 to 44 - PDF
    i) Volume V - 45 to 50 - PDF
  60. Report of High Level Committee on National Mineral Policy :PDF