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Water Resources

Through the Plans

Five Year Plans : Ninth | Tenth | Eleventh | Twelfth

The subjects broadly dealt with in this Division are:-(i) Major and Medium Irrigation (ii) Minor Irrigation (iii) Flood Control (iv) Command Area Development Activities in the country (v) Rural water Supply and Sanitation. The works undertaken in the Division relate to overall Planning,  investment   clearance of projects for inclusion in Plans and their implementation and processing of special assistance etc. proposed by Ministry of Water Resources and State Governments. Discussions with State Govts. officers concerning Plans and other activities in Irrigation,  Command Area Development and Flood Control Sector, rural water supply and sanitation are held. In addition, problems like Water Legislation, water rates etc. are also attended to. Public representation and VIP references, Parliament Questions on Water Resources and Water Supply and flood control are also attended to. The details of subjects dealt within this Division are:-

I. Major and Medium Irrigation

1. Planning

Policies and Programmes, formulation of Five Year Plans, Annual Plans, Mid-term Appraisal, Review and Perspective Plan for irrigation development from major and medium schemes-both State Plan and Central Plan schemes; Inter-State Water disputes, AIBP, National Projects and Task Forces  for irrigation financing.

2. Acceptance of Schemes by Planning Commission

Examination of major, medium flood control, drainage and modernization schemes on inter-state rivers and tributaries after the schemes are accepted by the Advisory Committee on Irrigation, Flood Control and Multi-purpose Projects of Ministry of Water Resources and cleared by Central Water Commission/Brahmaputra Board/Ganga Flood Control Commission in case of flood control projects.

3. Extension, Renovation and Modernization (ERM)

ERM of old irrigation systems and conjunctive use of surface and ground water in the irrigation systems. Preliminary appraisal for in-principle clearance  to external assistance etc.

4. Water Legislation and Rates

Water legislation, Water Rates, Betterment levy.

5. Participatory Irrigation Management (PIM)  

PIM in Major Medium and Minor Irrigation projects and formation of Water Users Association.

II. Minor Irrigation


  • Policies and programmes for minor irrigation development both from surface and ground water resources - Perspective Plan, Five Year Plan and Annual Plan, review etc. half yearly review of the programme macro monitoring etc.

Ground Water Development/Ground Water exploration  

  1. Ground Water Development in States, regulation and rain harvesting and ground water recharge programmes.
  2. Institutional Finance for Minor irrigation Development and financing from external sources, financing through AIBP for surface Minor Irrigation projects.


  • Modernisation and restoration of tanks, wells, ground water structures.

III. Flood Control

  1. Policies and programmes for flood control, drainage, anti-sea-erosion-Examination of projects of States and Central Ministries under Five Year Plan and Annual Plans, special assistance through State Sector Schemes, ACA assistance, Special Plan Assistance packages to State Governments.
  2. Acceptance of schemes by Planning Commission Examination of flood control, drainage etc. schemes for acceptance after they are cleared by the Central Water Commission, Ganga Flood Control Commission and Advisory Committee on Irrigation, Flood Control and multi-purpose projects of Ministry of Water Resources.
  3. Perspective Plans: Examination of Master Plans for flood-prone river basins and the selection of schemes for phased implementation.
  4. Modernization of Flood Forecasting and Flood Plain Zoning.

IV. Command Area Development and Water Management (CADWM)

1. Planning

Policies and programmes, examination of proposals from the States and Central Organisation for CADWM programme  for funding  under  Five  Year Plans, Annual Plan and Special Assistance  Programmes (ACA, SCP and SPA etc.) etc.

2. Utilization of Irrigation Potential

Factors inhibiting irrigation growth and the remedial measures to accelerate utilization of created irrigated potential, monitoring of potential utilized through remote sensing.

3. On-Farm Development

4.  Infra-structural Development

Institutional funds including those from external sources, agricultural extension, roads, markets and other connected measures for optimizing agricultural production in the command areas.

V. External assistance

World Bank, Asian Development Bank and other bilateral assistance for Major/ Multipurpose, Medium, Minor Irrigation and Command Area Development projects.

VI. Farakka Barrage Project

The project is included in the Central Sector Transport Plan. The responsibility for execution vests with the Ministry of Water Resources. The Plan proposals are examined for inclusion in the Five Year/Annual Plans of the Ministry.

VII.  The Division also deals with Plan Schemes of the Ministry of Water Resources, Half Yearly Performance Review of the schemes and zero based Budgeting.

VIII. The Division also examines irrigation and flood control schemes for Additional Central Assistance and funding from Non Lapsable Central Pool Resources as well as other special developmental programmes.

IX   Water Supply and Sanitation

A.  Rural Water Supply and Sanitation

  1. Rural Water Supply activities which are included under Centrally Sponsored Schemes viz. " National Rural Drinking Water Programme" (NRDWP) (including Jalmani).
  2. Rural Water Supply under State Sector
  3. Technology Mission on Drinking Water in villages and related water management, quality affected habitations their remedy etc.
  4. Rural Sanitation:
    (a)  Rural Sanitation under State Sector
    (b)  Centrally Sponsored Scheme  i.e " Total Sanitation Campaign "(TSC) including Nirmal Gram Puraskar ).

B. Urban Water Supply, Sanitation and Sewerage

  1. Urban Water Supply, all activities which are pertaining to State and Central  sector including JNNURM or UIDSSMT.
  2. Urban Sanitation, Sewerage and Drainage all activities which are pertaining to State and Central sector including JNNURM or UIDSSMT.