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Through the Plans

Five Year Plans : First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Eighth Ninth Tenth Eleventh Twelfth

The Women and Child Development Division is responsible for overseeing policies with respect to ensuring overall survival, development, protection and participation of women and children of the nation in consonance with the commitments made in the Five Year Plans. Apart from central sector and centrally sponsored schemes, the Division works with the States and examines plan proposals of the States and Union Territories review their implementation of the policies and programmes of the central government and recommends outlay.

Work Relating to Five Year Plan and Annual Plan

  • Mid Term Appraisal of Five Year Plan. Review of the progress of implementation of policies and programmes. Assessment of achievements in terms of physical and financial targets.
  • Chapter for Mid-Term Appraisal with mid term corrections
  • Preparation of material for induction in the Approach paper.
  • Setting up of Steering Committee in the Planning Commission and its related works; organizing meetings, preparation of background/agenda, minutes of the meeting preparation of the steering committee reports. (for Five Year Plan)
  • Examination of Plan Proposals for Five Year Plans and Annual Plans of Ministry of Women and Child development and preliminary discussion with the Ministry and recommendation of the outlays.
  • Setting up of Working Groups on various aspects of Empowerment of Women and Child Development
  • Setting up of Committees/Groups and Task Force on issues relating to Women and Children
  • Preparation of chapter for inclusion in the Five Year Plan Document

Central Sector

  • Over all guidance and advise to Central and States Governments in the area of women and child development.
  • Advise for improvement in the existing policies and programmes
  • Examination and preparation of briefs and comments on Cabinet Notes, EFC Memos, SFC Memos with regard to schemes of Ministry of Women and Child Development including National Mission for Empowerment of Women besides participating in EFC and SFC meetings.
  • Advisory role for Subordinate Organizations of Ministry of Women and Children i.e. National; Commission for Women (NCW), National Child protection Commission for Child Rights (NCPCR), National Institute for Public Cooperation and child development (NIPCCD), Rastriya Mahila Kosh (RMK), CSWB besides participation in General Body and Governing Body Meetings of NIPCCD, RMK and CSWB.
  • Representing Planning Commission in the meeting of Parliamentary Committees, Inter-Ministerial Committees, Expert Group/Committees, Task Forces on the subject relating to Women and Child Development.
  • Answering Parliament Questions related to Women and Child Development. Supplying material within Planning Commission.
  • Coordination with Ministry of WCD, UN and other International Agencies, Subject Divisions within Planning Commission.
  • Prepare and supply material for inclusion in Economic Survey, President’s address to Joint Session of the Parliament, prime Minister’s Independence Day speech, Finance minister’s Budget Speech, India Year Book ( I and B Ministry).
  • Representation in various sanctioning Committees for the schemes constituted by Ministry of Women and Child Development besides various committees constituted on the various issues relating to women and children.

State Sector:

  • Examination of Plan proposal (Five Year and annual Plan)
  • Organizing Working Group discussion and to review the implementation of policies and programme with physical and financial targets and achievements and recommendation of sector wise outlays.
  • Examination of proposals relating to Additional Central Assistance (ACA)
  • Examination of proposals of Research Studies, Seminars, Workshops.